Photographs from bygone

days in Ryhill

The following selection of photographs has kindly been loaned by Mr Albert Noble and should not be reproduced without his permission.

I hope that you enjoy them.

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More proud staff at Great Central Railways, Ryhill - all that now remains is the road bridge in the distance.    Break time at Number 3 - The Dry Pit    Mill Lane, showing the Primitive Methodist Chapel which closed in the 1960's - now Bennions    62667 - ex Director Class Great Central Loco "Somme", taken at Ryhill and Wintersett station 7th June 1953 -  Special Excursion (South Yorks Railtour No 2)

All spick and span at Ryhill Station    Staff at Ryhill School c. 1913   

Ryhill Infants School - 1915    Ryhill Infants School 1921 - Class 1a    Motor ambulances for the War - 1914    Wintersett Reservoir - 1920

Hammer and Anvil, Station Road    Ryhill Silver Prize Band - 1920's   

Church Corner    Pear Tree Cottages,Ryhill, (Mr Shepard on right)


The photographs below have been sent to me by sisters Jacqui Stones and Jeane Easterbrook. Thanks to both of you.

Ryhill classroom on Coronation Day 1937        The imposing gentleman sat in the middle is Henry Ecclestone, born Wigan 1863 and burried in Ryhill cemetery. Walter Stone is 4th from right on back row, and his brother William is 5th from right, back row. Photograph about 1912-1914.    Ryhill school circa 1930    Person at the back is Walter Stones who was later to become school caretaker. The sprinter is his brother William who was killed at Gallipolli in 1915.

    The back of this photograph says "A Ryhill Pantomime", some say V E Day celebrations. L to R - Gilbert Silverwood, ? Davis, Unknown, Sophia Bragger, Clarence Inman, Aidan Silverwood, Walter Stones, children at front are unknown

Mr Jack Stones, father of the above Jacqui and Jeanne, writes of the photograph above 

" ... the members of that team called themselves "The Chapel Street Cavalry" and the horses were all made in the school on a Sunday morning by my father and some of the other members. The photo was taken at the top of Chapel Street outside the chemist's shop. You can see the Wesleyan Chapel and the other large building on the right was the cinema that was owned by the Silverwood family and was operated by Aidan Silverwood. His brother Gilbert ran the village grocery shop and they also ran the local buses which were called Silver Aces. The photograph is not as listed, but looking at it from the front left, the first horseman was Walter Stones, and the third one is Gilbert Silverwood."

Many thanks Mr Stones.


The photograph below can be seen properly in Darren's Hairdressers on Mill Lane. The date is not known but it could be 1940's - do you know?



This was submitted by Susan Horgan who wrote:

   Here is the photo of my dad, Grafton Whincup, from the childrens day carnival in 1932. He won first prize. He was "blacked up" with boot polish by his grandfather, Thomas Bragger. The colour in his grass skirt was added by his mum, Winnie Bragger, at a later date.

Thanks Susan

Mr Stone has written regarding the school photograph above (second from the right) and suggests that the names might be as follows:

Starting with Back Row, Left to Right

Eileen Stanley, ? , Queenie Scott, ?,Procter, Betty Jowett, ? Kennett

?, Jack Beaumont, Billy Barnsley, Norman Kennett, Jean Habergam, Danny Rowe, Jowett(Brother), Sam Whitehead, ?,?,(One was a Noble)

?, Jessie Starbuck, Arthur Barraclough, Eric Thackery, Grafton Whincup, Arthur Boyce, Norman Turton, Billy England, His sister

Joe Mallinder, Jack Stones, Harvey Tolley, Jack Jennison.

Thanks a lot Jack!